YIPPEE Perfect Original Inflatable Lounger Portable Bean Bag Hangout Air Sofa NEXT GEN MODEL. Indoor/Outdoor Bed Chair Pool Camping Travel Sleeping Bed Love It All Day! Lightest on The Market. light blue

  • Rs. 6,546.99

YIPPEE Perfect Original Inflatable Lounger, Portable Bean Bag Hangout Air Sofa, NEXT GEN MODEL. Indoor/Outdoor Bed Chair Pool Camping Travel Sleeping Bed, Love It All Day! Lightest on The Market.

Product Details

Color: light blue
Brand: C&C Necessities

  • Product Dimensions: 14.6 x 4.2 x 8.5 inches ; 3.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • QUICK To INFLATE: NO AIR PUMP REQUIRED: Our YIPPEE Inflatable Hangout Bag is lightweight, compact and easy to transport in its own storage bag with an adjustable shoulder strape to carry over your shoulder. You can take it with you anywhere you go! It easily fills up in just a few gulps of air. It also deflates in just seconds for quick packing. Its measurements are 14x9x5 inches when stored, and Inflates up to 6.7 feet long, 2.5 feet wide & 2 feet tall.
  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE: Our product is comfortable, soft, and very easy to relax in. It stays fully inflated for about 3-6 hours. Use as a hammock lounger, a sofa or a single person seat just like other products out there today. You can lie down on it vertically, or sit on it sideways or horizontally like a couch. Holds up to 440 pounds, it can sit 2-3 people horizontally no problem, and it weighs only 3.2lbs. Everyone will be asking you where can they get their YIPPEE too!
  • DESIGN & WORKMANSHIP: The YIPPEE inflatable lounger is only sold by C&C Necessities. Its lightweight, durable, flame retardant, dirt and water repellent, easy to clean and can be used on most surfaces. The YIPPEEs double layer design keeps your inner air chamber safe behind the strong outer shell. We include a bottle/can holder, a can opener, and a storage pouch for personal items like: an iPad, magazine, keys, or wallet. Your YIPPEE also has a securing loop with a stake for those windy days.
  • RELIABILITY: Our 210T Nylon Double Wall Ripstop is a versatile, light weight, soft, and durable fabric; finished with a polyurethane coating and water repellent finish. This fabric uses a special reinforcing technique with nylon content limited to the crosshatched threads that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping. The fabric is constructed with a Double Wall Ripstop, meaning that it contains two ripstop threads in both directions; small tears cannot easily spread.

Our YIPPEE Lamzac Hangout like Inflatable Lounger is a new product that is slowly gaining popularity in today’s market. Materials used for our product are composed from some of the best materials used in today’s industry. It’s a comfortable air seat or sofa that you can fill with air within seconds, by using our unique air filling technique. While the YIPPEE is large and comfy when you use it, it’s easily deflated and stored in a small carrying bag allowing you to take it anywhere you want! Yes, our YIPPEE is a lightweight, compact, and easy to transport item, but it’s also strong, durable, and made with 210T Ripstop Nylon Fabric. This will ensure that you can use your Inflatable Hangout over and over again. It works great outdoors and is usable on sand, grass, pavement, swimming pools, and any surface without sharp objects. You have just found the best air hammock, and it almost feels like you are floating on air. The YIPPEE is considered an outdoor must have, and comes very useful, especially in the summer, when most people are spending lots of time outdoors! As a result, it’s the perfect buddy for all your outdoor activities such as: traveling, camping, parks, kid’s outdoor sporting events, lakes, lounging around the beach, hanging out at music festivals or Coachella, and much more. Keep in mind that when you’re at anyone of these types of places, you'll need something to sit and lie on during those fun and exciting times. And while lounge chairs, hammocks, and similar outdoor products should suffice, our YIPPEE hangout offers a more convenient, reliable, and interesting alternative. Be prepared to get lots of attention when using this product in public!