Portable Lightweight SPLICED Self-Inflating Camp Sleeping Pad Mat Mattress Attached Built-In Pillow For Camping 2inch Thick By DUNLIN BLUE

  • Rs. 5,278.99

Portable Lightweight SPLICED Self-Inflating Camp Sleeping Pad Mat Mattress Attached Built-In Pillow For Camping, 2inch Thick By DUNLIN

Product Details

Color: BLUE
Brand: Hillman

  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • 1. Thickness: 2 inch. It uses high-quality high resilience foam. After auto inflated, the cushion thickness can reach up to 5cm ( 2inch), which allow us to sleep comfortably in outdoor camping.
  • 2. SPLICED design: By snapping button, it can be infinitely spliced from left to right(For 2 persons, splice 2 mats; for 3 persons, splice 3 mats..... ).
  • 3. 21 hole hollow design: it is ergonomics, best fit to your body, it helps to keep the body balanced, and make the cushion lighter.
  • 4. 75D Polyester Pongee fabric: Ant-moisture, permeable, close to skin. Moisture, suitable for tents, home, parks and other outdoor areas
  • 5. Former inflatable size: (161+31)*62 cm / (63.4+12.2)*24.4 inch. Size after inflated: (158+25)*60 cm / (62.2+9.8)*23.6 inch. It fits most heights up to 6 ft (183cm). Product weight : 1.5KG (3.3lbs)

Why should we choose this type of cushion? We want to make you feel more comfortable by thickening 5cm (2 inch)! Stitching design! High permeability (75D Polyester Pongee compare to PVC) Features: 1. It can be infinitely SPLICED from left to right 2. 75D Polyester Pongee added thickness coating fabric: anti-moisture, permeable, skin-friendly. 3. Auto-inflatable: To inflate the cushion, you only need to simply unscrew the gas nozzle, and seal it tight after inflation. Please be reminded that it is best not to blow it manually. 4. ABS plastic gas nozzle, Pillows Silicone gas nozzle. Usage: A. Usage within tent: It will not only reduce the discomfort in sleep due to even ground, but it can insulate the cold feeling on the ground. B. Use in park and outdoor local floor mat: It can be used as floor mat during outdoor picnic. C. Car, office lunch break Specification: Prior to inflatable size: ( (63.4+12.2)24.4 inch Size after inflated: (62.2+9.8)23.6 inch Packaging Size: inch Product Weight: 3.3lbs Packaging Weight:3.5lbs Fabrics: 75D Polyester Pongee Thick Coating Padding: High resilience foam Gas nozzle: inflatable cushion gas nozzle, gas nozzle inflatable pillow Packaging: Storage bag Accessories: an emergency repair kit Package: Floor Mat Storage Bag Emergency Repair Kit Manual