Ivation Self-Inflating Airbed Mattress & Pillow Lightweight Sleeping Foam Pad for Outdoor Camping & Indoor Use Folds Compactly in Straps for Storage Medium 76"

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Ivation Self-Inflating Airbed Mattress & Pillow, Lightweight Sleeping Foam Pad for Outdoor Camping & Indoor Use, Folds Compactly in Straps for Storage …

Product Details

Color: Medium 76"
Brand: Ivation

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  • Inflates & Deflates Fast with the Turn of a Knob, No Pump or Mouth Blowing
  • Rolls up into a Small Bundle for Compact Storage and Easy Transport
  • Compression Straps Attached/Included for Easy Hook and Loop
  • Puncture & Abrasion resistant, Cold resistant (up to 16F) and Waterproof
  • Built in Pillow, Great for Backpackers, Campers, Hikers, or Indoor use

The Ivation Self-Inflating Mat is perfect for Camping or any Outdoor use, It inflates or Deflates with a turn of a Knob, And rolls into a small Bundle for Carrying or Storage, The Mat does not need Power to Inflate, No Blowing or Pumping, Unroll and turn the Knob, and in Minutes its Ready for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep Sleeps Big, Folds Small, This addition is Lightweight and Folds Small, and you can easily fix Small Tears and Punctures with the Included PVC Repair Kit. Small Mat: Inflated Dim. 72"x21.5"x 1.5" – Deflated Dim. 21”x 4” – Weight: 3.25 LBS Medium Mat: Inflated Dim. 76"x25"x 1.5" – Deflated Dim. 25”x 4” – Weight: 3.75 LBS Large Mat W/ Arm Rest: Inflated Dim. 84"x36"x2" – Deflated Dim. 25”X 6” – Weight: 4 LBS